About WTR

Wound healing and tissue repair are one of the serious issues in the health and therapeutic fields. Delay in a wound or tissue damage healing, impose lots of cost for the healthcare community and people economy.

This heavy burden, affects not only on the patients, but also on their family, community and organizations responsible in providing health services.

Due to the changing lifestyle of community, population increased rate and changing the pattern of diseases, problems related to chronic ulcers shows a growing trend. Accordingly, YARA institute as a leading institution in the field of planning and developing strategies on promoting health of community and ACECR`s Medical Laser Research Center have held the annual congresses of WTR (Wound and Tissue Repair) with the goal of creating a good opportunity for cooperation of active people in the wound healing and tissue repair field and also to present the latest achievements in this field. The upcoming congress is 6th national and 4th international congress will be held at December, 2-4 , 2020 in Tehran, Iran, virtually.

The target groups of the congress are clinical and basic science specialists, students of medical, paramedical, Nursing and Basic Sciences who are interested in the field of treatment of tissue damage.

Beside the scientific lectures, it will be established various scientific and commercial sections including poster presentation, some workshops, pavilions of publishers, organizations, manufacturers and Medical Equipment exhibition.

We hope your participation enrich the congress.

The 7th WTR congress contents:

Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Surgery
New Technologies, (Diagnosis, Prevention, Treatment)
Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Nanotechnology
Basic Sciences, Cellular - Molecular Sciences
Rehabilitation and Nursing